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In the past 8 years We have opened our ranch to guests for trail riding, fishing, camping , hiking & family reunions. On March 16th 2012, Owner and beloved husband, Tom Carter went to be with the Lord he served for 78 years. It is our hope (the family) to continue in the traditions of Tom Carter's legacy on the TC Ranch.

We will continue to offer trail rides on Saturdays & Sundays. Depending on the number of riders coming out we have 1 to 4 trail guides to accommodate those guests.

Through out this difficult time many of our regular trail riders have continued to come visit & ride the trails. It is our hope to eventually restore some, or all of the activities the TC Ranch Family has offered in the past. For boarding horses or booking rides e-mail us or call 936-767-8111 or 936-242-3386.

The following web site, is dedicated to the finest man I ever knew, my husband Tom Carter.

Sincerely Cheryl Carter

No Alcohol Please

Trail of Life Cowboy Church Presents
WHEN: SATURDAY September 29th
TIME: 9:00 a.m.
We take a Break at noon. Bring your own Lunch & then Ride till Sunset.
3281 Dabney Bottom
Cleveland Texas 77328
Cheryl Carter 936-767-8111
Melody Logan 713-828-0657

Horseback Riding, Please bring your coggins report and plan to attend this time of celebration with us. If you do not have a horse, come and rent one for $20.00 that day only. But you must call in advance to book the horse... as we have a limited number of horses. We look forward to meeting you!

You can also go to to learn more about Trail Of Life Cowboy Church. Click on the calendar of events for a map to the ranch.


Dear Tom & Cheryl, just wanted to contact you to tell you how this family views TC Ranch. A week or so ago a close friend hadA cut & pastedblog about you all and the ranch. I don't know where he got it but Jim knew our family had been to your place many times. As I read the trash penned about you. I got so mad I wanted to kick a hole in somebody. Jodie reminded me. This is from a trail riding blog. Well we are not trailriders and from this, don't ever plan to be. The first time Iknew anything about your place. My vet told me about you. As you know I had planned to take my family to see the wild horse round upin NorthernNevada. My vet told me before I spend all that money unlessI just want to go out there. There is an old ranch about 90 miles from here. It's been in the same family for about 100 years. They have over 200 horses running free. When Mr. Tom rounds them up it is something to see. He gave me your card and I called. My vet did not even begin to tell meabout yourauthentic -western -step into the past ranch.We stayed the weekend and saw you two good people work, feed horses cows, hogs, and us. As Mr.Tom drove us out to the different pastures. We saw the Alpha mares controlling their herds. Kicking the young horses out of the herd for misbehaving then bringing them back in. Jodie said those mares could give parenting classes. We saw something that is quickly dying out. Something that my grandchildren will never see if your children don't carry on. You were kind enough to let us come and get in your way. When you and other ranches came to your place to brand, worm, castrate, palpate horses and cows. My children still have the tips off the cow horns when you trimmed the horns off. You don't see or experience this on a sanitizes trail ride. There will always be places where people can carrytheirhorse to ride. Some of those people call themselves cowboys and cowgirls. Maybe they are, I don't know. I am in awe of Mr.Tom. He is a real cowboy, cowman whatever you call it. He has hands like bear paws and arms like big ham chunks. Still breaking horses still castrating them himself still rounding up cows and horses sometimes just him and a dog and stillopeningthe ranch towant a be cowboys like me and my family.Both of youhave patiently showed us ranch life while answering dumb questions. You cook for us and treat us like long lostfamily. I call that a treasure. The first time we rented horses, Mr Tom took us out on the trails. They reminded us of the hill country. TC Ranch is not flat it is beautiful. We call it the best kept secret in East Texas. Taylor loved the tree growing up through the old tractor. He said the Carters have character. I ask him do you mean the are characters or have character. Taylor said both. I just love them and that place. That's how we all feel. Through the years as we have continued to come. You both and TC Ranch have grown dearer and dearer to us. We never did talk about going to Nevada again. I am just sorry I did not write you before. Like I said that blogger really made me mad and she should be ashamed of herself.Tom and Cheryl I have to say one last thing on your behalf and to you. Yes there is a lot of equipment all over about 3 or 4 acres of the ranch where we have seen you work. 3 or 4 acres out of 600 is a speck to me. It never bothered us seeing the tractors, spreaders, bailers, pipe, trucks, 4 wheelers, tarps, seed planters, fertilizer, so on and so on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. TC Ranch is Gods country. Where you see a man work like a man and a woman work like a woman into their setting years. People like you is what built this country and feeds this country. My hats off to you. Never Change...
     Josh,Jodie,Taylor,Tiffany &Timmy McGrath
     Denton County - January 15, 2011

Tom & Cheryl,
Again thank you. My family loved your ranch. They have heard us speak of TC Ranch often. Melody was wonderful & thank her for bringing up Cowgirl for Megan

     Julie, November 22, 2010

Yesterday we came to your ranch for our daughters 10th birthday. She has been asking for 3 years to come out to the TC Ranch when we saw your ad in a horse magazine. She was not disappointed. Kim and her friends chattered all the way back home about your ranch. The cowboy punch you served was perfect with the burgers, and cake. Kim thinks we should buy a punch bowl just like yours. Your husband said he got it at Tractor Supply. How funny. We will remember this for a long, long time.
     Sandy Klegg, October 10, 2010
     Angelina County

OMG, Cheryl, Tom & Melody, Thank you for the great hospitality.The steaks & salad was to die for. Our ride was soooo much fun. Three of the ladies got off their horses and sat in the creek as our horses drank. We acted like kids!!!!! And that was a good thing. We all took pictures and posted some of them at work. I will send you copies. You are just a LOVE all of you.
     Thank you we want to plan another trip.
     Cowgirl Betty, September 5, 2010

Miss Cheryl, Thank you for setting me and my sister up for a ride. We had a great time. Please tell Melody thank you too.
     Amber, & Danyell, July 25, 2010

Girl you got it going. We had a blast!!!! For us old girls that hasn't ridden a horse in years Mr. Tom & Melody made new women out of us. I want to go on and book an office group to come out Sept 4th. There will be 8 for sure maybe 12. Will let you know when I know. Keep it going & I'll see you in September.
     Betty & the New Cowgirls yeep it y aaaa lol , July 14, 2010

TC Ranch, Just want to thank you for allowing us to have sun rise services on your beautiful ranch. The brush arbor was perfect. We would like to come back and ride your horses in the future. Thank you and Bless you & Mr Tom.
     Pastor Jim Hawkins, April 6, 2010

It's your favorite Aggie. Tom & Cheryl the dinner & ride was great. As always you made us feel like we were you own family. I have some more Aggies interested in coming to your ranch. I will give them your email.
     Hugs to all
     Jeremey, March 30, 2010

To TC Ranch, Thanks for taking us on such short notice for a trail ride. I was there a year ago with Texas Right To Life. I had an awsome time when I came then and everything was just as good this time. You made our spring break a really a good deal. Doc & Ramboy are super smart horses!!!!
     Jenny, Deb, Amber, Stacey & Veronica, March 25, 2010

Tom and Cheryl, Just wanted you to know. Meagan has wore her vest every day since we've left your house. She loves it! Thanks again for everything! We really enjoyed coming out to your ranch and spending some time with y'all. We can't wait to come back again! We hope y'all have a Very Merry Christmas!
     Julie, December 25, 2009

Tom and Cheryl, Once again, we had a wonderful time at your ranch! Each time we've been, you make us feel like family. My children often talk about the times they've had at your ranch and I'm sure will continue to do so with the new memories they have from this last time. As always lunch was excellent! We appreciate all that you, Tom and Melody have done for us! We look forward to the next time we get to come to your amazingly beautiful ranch! Many Thanks! We'll see you soon!
     Julie, Larry, Meagan and Tyler Green, December 23, 2009
     Kingwood, Texas

Tom & Cheryl, Thank you for the fine welcome you showed me & my grandsons. Staying at the ranch was a great experience for the boys. They were able to see what a real honest to goodness working ranch looks like & works like. In this day & time of video games, and game boys. These boys saw something I thought was gone forever. A ranch like my Grandfather's, where I worked every summer from age 9 until I was 20. As I rode across your ranch I was reminded of the hill country and a lump grew in my throat. One of my boys ask "we will come back won't we?" I told him "Yes boy we will definitely come back". Mrs Carter, I don't know many people that will invite visitors on their ranch to sit down with them for their family Thanks Giving dinner as you did. We came prepared to have hamburgers cooked outside. Instead we had a feast. You & your ranch is a treasure.
     Pat Denny, November 30, 2009
     Bryan, Texas

Good Morning..I am sending some pics your way! As always we had a Great! time at your beautiful ranch.
     Karen, November 9, 2009

Cheryl & Melody, our day was wonderful, Thanks!!!
     Linda, October 20, 2009

Hello, I came to ride with the college group from FBC College Station in August and had a great time. My birthday is this month and I was wondering if you have a day next week I could bring by 16 year old to ride the trails with me? I hope the rains will stop soon and dry up the ground before next week. Please email me to let me know you got this message and we will carry on from there. I am thinking that Sunday afternoon, Oct.18th would be good for us. Does that work for you? Look forward to hearing from you.
     Linda Gibson, October 5, 2009

All of my pryers are with you guys to Mrs C I hope everything is good. I never felt more at home. I will miss your cooking. Thanks to Mr C I am a horseman, if I ever get back to texas I will come back. u r the best people.
     Bill Williams, July 29, 2009
     Central Fla

Cheryl, We are honored that you and Tom offer us such delicious meals when we visit, and that you welcome our group with such love! Of all the entertainment the students have participated in, the trail ride, dinner, singing, testimonies, was the best. We Love TC Ranch. Have a Happy 4th! Many blessings,
     Melissa, July 1, 2009

Howdy from TRTL! Hi Cheryl and Tom, We hope you are doing well! We have a group of college students coming into Houston for training, as we did last year. Our scholarship program has expanded, and we would like to bring all the "kids" out in June! The only day that both groups will be in town is June 10th. Do you have time for us to visit and go horseback riding? The students who went last year had such a good time!
     Melissa Pici, May 27, 2009

Whewee - I just caught Jerry sitting on the tailgate of the truck in the driveway calling out - "soooooooooooooooooooo cow, sooooooooooooooooo cow" !! I think he is having flash backs to the good time we both had with you, Tom, Gran, and of course Kenny. Don't know when we have had more fun. Sure seems strange around here with ONLY 4 dogs, TWO horses and NO cows or donkeys or mules! We really appreciate the way you treated us like family and Especially the prayers that were said at each meal and Tom praying for our trip home. We have never been to camp anywhere that happened. You really spoiled us with your cooking - we have been getting hungry around 3 o'clock each day and after we eat we start to throw bread out the back door!! Bless you and your family - we pray for all of yall each day. Tell all the doggies hello for us - give Sallygal a pat as well as Freckles.
     Will keep in touch
     Sharron & Jerry, May 2009

Good Morning Cheryl, We had a great time visiting with you guys and riding on the ranch! Thanks again for being such gracious hosts.....We look forward to coming back again soon.
     Pastor Kenny, January 2009

Cheryl, It was so good to see you - you seem like an old friend that I've known all my life!!!! You and Tom show such warmth and hospitality in opening up your home to our group! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we look forward to returning in the later part of the spring - I want to spend the weekend there so that we can explore all of your ranch and ride in the forest too! I wish that Randy & I had a place 1/2 the size of your place, It's so beautiful! To be able to saddle up and ride out anytime without trailering somewhere would be wonderful. Melanie was such a pleasure - we enjoyed her! She was a great guide. By the way - what are the trees with the big thorns that have the small orange/yellow fruit? And the the other smaller bushes with the thorns? The tree's were green, but the other smaller bush didn't have the green color.
     Thanks again,
     Kellie, January 2009

Dear Cheryl, I just wanted to let you know how much Evan & I enjoyed our time at your ranch yesterday. He had such a great time & felt so proud of himself yesterday. Thank you for recognizing that he was a little unsure of himself. Also, thank you so much for waiting for us! I can't believe I missed the turn! Evan really wants to come back. He is dressed like a cowboy today & making hot chocolate for his sisters in his canteen! What a beautiful ranch! Such views as the sun was setting! I was really able to relax and enjoy your ranch. It reminded me of my dad's ranch in central Texas, which I don't get to very often. Cheryl, you are a really sweet lady & I can't wait to come back to see you & the ranch!
     Sandy, December 2008

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great time that my son Jack had with you all today at TC Ranch, when he came up with his den buddies. He had an absolute blast and hasn't stopped talking about it since he got home. I'm sorry I couldn't make it but definitely intend to make a trip to you with the rest of the family before too long.
     Many Thanks,
     Jane, December 2008

Tom & Cheryl, Thank you so much for the wonderful meal and hospitality you two showed me and my grandsons. The weekend could not have improved more in anyway. Ms Melody picked good, sturdy horses for the boys and their folks said they have talked non-stop about TC Ranch since they got home. J.J. told his Mom we stayed in a bunkhouse just like the movies. My Son and daughter-in-law said they want to come on the next trip. So I guess you will be seeing the Anderson herd sometime during spring break
     God Bless Partner
     James J. Anderson, November 2008

Cheryl thanks so much for letting us come to your ranch so close to thanksgiving. You & Mr tom just drop everything and make us feel so welcomed. I love Doc. I really think he remembered me. He's a great horse I love him & I love tc ranch. See you next year.
     Jeni, November 20, 2008

Tom and Cheryl we had a great time with ya'll yesterday. Thanks for letting us come out and be part of the fun. Got your message about Ramboy, and your bringing him up by the barn. I hope he recovers. I enjoyed our rides and his sweetness. This picture say it all. Thanks again. I love TC Ranch. (Ramboy suffers from arthritics)
     Pami, November 2, 2008

Your ranch is a hidden treasure, The drive took us about an hour and a half and it was so worth it. My friends and I had the best time today. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us. We spent a great weekend at a Dude Ranch in Bandara 2 years ago. We are so excited to have found something comparable that is so much closer. The horses were such fun and Tom was a terrific guide. You are the best kept secret in Texas. We can't wait to come back.
     See you soon,
     Kristen, Cypress Texas

To the Carters, I had a wonderful time playing cowboy. This was my first time to visit a real Texas ranch. I should like to come back and visit for a longer time and bring some of my friends. Tom and Kara were jolly good guides and the lunch was splendid. I hope to return this summer.
     London England

Thank you so much for hosting our daughter's 16th birthday party. The trail was awesome!!! It has been three weeks since the party and we are still talking about the TC Ranch. Mrs Carter you were so right. Your place is not fancy, in fact it is really rustic, and it was great. These kids have never experienced such a beautiful setting. The food was good, we had great horses and it turned out to be a perfect day. So I am writing to book another birthday trail ride for my 13 year old. We would like to come back in June. Thanks again.
     Houston Texas

We are just writing you Carter's to say, Thank You. We really enjoyed ourselves and our stay. The bunkhouse, dinner and horses were great!!!!! I wanted to take Doc home & Kellie wants to reserve RamBoy next time. We were looking for a place to get some time in the woods, and TC Ranch has some narly woods. This was one of the best times we have had in a long time. We will definitely be back this fall. See you soon.
     Jenny, Kellie, Beth, & Sarah
     College Station

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