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A Cowboy Heart

He was just a young man, with dreams of going West
And he told his wife Sara "I know this will do us best"
So they left Mississippi, With their wagon loaded high
And crossed the Red River, To the Trinity in 1885
The land was green and pleasing, to the couples eyes you see,
For this is where they both agreed, we'll raise our family.
The children came one by one, Just as the couple planned
Worked day and night, through flood and blight, Each one a fine cowhand
Fast forward to the present, There's not much different
Just horses and dogs, cattle and hogs, All waiting to be fed
But a great grandson, working past the setting Sun
Tells his children, what's in his head
"God's land precious and He ain't making no more, So take good care of what you have,
and He'll bless you for sure. You won't have lots of money, And I can't say everyday's sunny
But I'm the richest man on earth, I've been a cowboy since my birth."

Thanks Paw Tom

By Cheryl Carter - Dedicated to my Husband Tom Carter

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